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Small shop. Big impact.

As a small firm, Moon Wright & Houston offers flexibility and agility that’s unmatched by larger firms, enabling us to tailor solutions to our clients’ complicated legal issues. While we’re known for our excellence in bankruptcy law, our attorneys are prominent litigators and offer a wealth of experience both representing and serving as receivers.

Success through bankruptcy.

The attorneys of Moon Wright & Houston have created a specialized niche practice in bankruptcy. We’re known among our peers to be resourceful and tireless, with years of experience guiding our clients to success through bankruptcy. We are creative problem solvers, working diligently to determine the right approach early—and get our clients on the road to resolution.

A commanding courtroom presence.

With significant practical experience in litigation, our attorneys are seasoned in the courtroom. We’ve tried a long list of cases in state and federal courts throughout North Carolina, each with careful planning and skilled delivery. Our intense focus on casework and client matters earns total confidence from our clients, allowing them to walk into the courtroom feeling relaxed and secure.

Well versed in a valuable alternative.

Receivership can be an effective tool in moving complex cases beyond an impasse. Our attorneys have served as court-appointed receivers, providing a trusted neutral force to drive productivity and propel a case forward. We’ve also represented receivers and other interested parties in receiverships, making Moon Wright Houston a reliable resource for litigants and referring firms alike.