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The neutral advantage.

Receivership is often overlooked, and perhaps even under utilized, as a tool for resolving complex cases. A receiver can provide forward motion for shareholder disputes and debtor-creditor cases that are proving difficult to resolve, or even those that have reached the point of deadlock. This neutral professional is beholden to the court, duty-bound to remain unbiased and protect all sides of the dispute—bringing fairness, transparency and efficiency to dysfunctional cases. They can be instrumental in preserving value, investigating fraud schemes, uncovering missing information, collecting debts and judgments and more. Simply put, receivers can restore order and fairness to a dispute, particularly between polarized parties.

Experience from every angle.

Moon Wright & Houston has extensive experience on all sides of receiverships. Our attorneys can be a valuable resource for litigants and referring law firms, whether by serving as receiver or representing receivers and other interested parties in receiverships.