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Turn challenges into opportunities.

All people and businesses experience hard times. And many view bankruptcy as an embarrassment, or a sign of failure. But, with the right attorneys, it can be an opportunity to preserve value and rehabilitate troubled businesses. The attorneys of Moon Wright & Houston have a wealth of collective knowledge and experience with bankruptcy law.

Creative problem solving.

As a small business ourselves, we understand the needs of our clients, as well as the limitations many face. That practical business background, coupled with our tireless approach to serving clients, allows us to serve as both trusted advisors and unrelenting advocates. With time and careful planning, together we can avoid years of litigation and related costs, while preserving value for all stakeholders. And bankruptcy can become a steppingstone rather than a roadblock.

Corporate Cases

We offer comprehensive representation of corporations in reorganization and liquidation bankruptcy proceedings.

Consumer Cases

Our attorneys represent individuals and couples in both personal reorganization and liquidation bankruptcies.

Trustees & Creditors’ Committees

As lead counsel and through regional and national collaborations, we provide representation of court-appointed trustees and creditor committees.

Transaction Review

Through review of loan proposals, asset sales, corporate merger plans, domestic agreements and similar documents, we’re able to provide counsel and advice regarding client implications in the event of a future bankruptcy filing.